Residential care

A community of care

We Provide Specialist residential care for men and women whom – due to long term chaotic lifestyles coupled with extensive misuse of alcohol and other drugs – are now experiencing many of the problems normally associated with extreme old age, including forms of dementia, mental, emotional and physical ill health.

Nursing care is available for those on site who need it, along with respite care, and rehabilitation for those who may simply need a period of treatment and support before moving back to more mainstream accommodation.

We will provide a home to people for as long as they need and want to remain. Some residents may only need a short stay to help them with particular difficulties; others will stay for far longer and even end their lives there.

Edwin House replaced Framework’s successful and long-established specialist care home a short distance away at 32 Bentinck Road.

“The staff were unbelievably warm, friendly and welcoming”